The Woman 2.0 Summit

Will be held in late 2020 or early 2021

What would happen if hundreds of woman-empowered, feminist women came together in one master facilitated event to collaboratively Vision changes that need to happen in America, prioritized the key issues facing humanity with an understanding of their systemic interrelationships, discussed the obstacles of patriarchy that need to be dismantled for change to happen and how to overcome them, and then committed to actions to make necessary changes in our society where it matters most?

This historic event will be designed, planned and held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a hub of Woman inspired essence, creativity, beauty and magic. Invitees will include prominent and leading women in the arenas and subspecialties in most areas of society (see categories below). Portions of this three-day event will be livestreamed so that any woman or man can listen and engage in the dialogue.

Input from hundreds of women and men will be fed into the 3 day summit as a result of a US-wide survey on American Womanhood. This will allow the everyday woman and man to share their perspective on key questions related to the evolution of woman, the relationship of woman to the soul, what women are contributing to our society and how they will change existence as we know it in the years to come.

Master accelerated solution event designers and facilitators as well as graphic recorders and production specialists will be hired to ensure the event meets its objectives, conflicts are resolved, and that the collective genius of participants shines through. Our hope is that women who lead some of the most prominent and far-reaching women's organizations in America will be present and participate in this action and outcome oriented event to maximize positive impact.

During the Summit, participants will learn about the intentional steps and methods to create powerful organizational and social change in the face of opposition in their organizations, projects and communities. They will learn to build strong visions, mobilize leadership, and create change strategies that get results.

Participants will be asked to commit to making changes that originate from the event and serve as change agents in a network that accelerates outcomes and ensures all women benefit from their Vision and committed actions. An outcome of the event will be goals, timelines, owners and a progress checking mechanism to ensure that ideas are implemented and goals achieved. During the Summit, ways to bring Woman 2.0 discussions and events to cities and communities all around America will be explored.

We want every woman and supportive man to be a part of this historic undertaking.

Volunteers and sponsors are being recruited now. If you are interested in participating, contact us at