The Woman 2.0 Summit

Pilot will be held in Austin 2022/National Summit 2023- Tentative

What would happen if a large number of soul-fired, feminine-rooted women and supportive men came together in one master facilitated event to collaboratively Vision changes that need to happen in America, prioritized the key issues facing women with an understanding of their systemic interrelationships, discussed the obstacles of healthy and toxic patriarchy that need to shift/be balanced for change to happen and how to overcome them, and then committed to actions to make these changes where it matters most?

This historic event will be designed, planned and piloted in Austin, Texas in 2022 (tentative). Invitees will include prominent and leading women and supportive men in the arenas and subspecialties in most areas of society (see categories below). Portions of this three-day event will be livestreamed so that any woman or man can listen and engage in the process. The pilot will be the test run for the national event in 2023 (tentative).

Candidates for participation will be selected based on their expertise, ability to surrender their ideas to new thinking and the mystery of emergence, innovation capacity, ability to collaborate with others and have their thinking challenged. Candidates will also be asked to participate in pre-work and activities that will prepare their minds, souls, bodies and hearts to be open to feminine wisdom and mysteries and enter the Summit from common foundation. Candidates must be curious about what is means to be Woman from a transpersonal perspective and open to ancient and modern practices that will enhance their personal and collective power.

The Summit and all Woman 2.0 offerings are guided by our National Council of Wisdom Advisors. This prominent group of women and supportive men are leaders in their respective areas of expertise and will guide, advise and protect the effort as it progresses. Due to the prominent nature of some members, these names will not be widely published.

Input from hundreds of women and men will be fed into the 3 day summit as a result of a US-wide survey on American Womanhood. This will allow the everyday woman and man to share their perspective on key questions related to the evolution of woman, the relationship of woman to the soul, the role of patriarchy, what women are contributing to our society and how they will change existence as we know it in the years to come.

Master accelerated solution event designers, facilitators, Ritualists/Spiritual Guides as well as graphic recorders and production specialists will ensure the participants are fully supported in the process, conflicts are negotiated, and that the collective genius of participants shines through. Ritualists will ensure ancient feminine forces, ancestors and nature forces are invoked and invited into the space to remind participants of ways of being and living that were once more in balance with nature and with all beings. Our hope is that women and supportive men who lead some of the most prominent and far-reaching organizations in America will be present and participate in this event to maximize positive impact.

During the Summit, participants will learn the intentional steps and methods to create powerful organizational and social change in the face of seen and unseen opposition in their organizations, projects and communities.

We want every woman and supportive man to be a part of this historic undertaking.

Candidates, volunteers and sponsors are being recruited now. If you are interested in participating, contact us at